Covering Method Of Shade Net

Nov 10, 2019

In the process of using the sunshade net, there are many kinds of covering methods. Today, I will briefly introduce the several covering methods of the sunshade net for you:

1. Greenhouse roof. It can be covered with four 1.6-meter or 1.8-meter-wide sunshade nets, and the sides are about 1 meter above the ground without covering to facilitate ventilation and light transmission.

2. Shed cover. You can use fixed flat tents or temporarily place wooden piles at the four corners of the field to flatten and cover.

3. Multi-layer coverage. That is, the large and medium sheds adopt the outer net and inner membrane type, which can reduce temperature and rain in summer and increase shed temperature in winter.

4. Floating surface coverage. That is, the sunshade net is directly covered on the vegetables, for example, it can be covered late in the early spring and late autumn, and it can be removed in the morning to prevent frost;

5. Ground coverage. It is mainly used for vegetable sowing to emergence stage, and directly covered with ground.


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