Affect the shading rate of the shade net

The sunshade net is used for shading. I believe everyone knows this feature, and it has a wide range of uses and is very convenient to use. So what factors affect the shading rate of the shade net?

1. The first is the effect of the thickness of the shading net on the shading effect. The thicker the shading net, the better the shading effect, so that it can better play its role.

2. The second is the color of the shading net. The heavier the color of this product, the better the shading effect, such as black, the better the shading effect.

3. There is also the same weft density and the same weft (flat wire) width, which may make different shading rates. The weft thread is deformed due to the squeezing force, resulting in failure to meet the requirements of the originally designed shading ratio.


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