How to check the quality of shade nets

1. The focus of weaving process inspection is the number of pieces and the weight. In order to keep the same with the production process during the inspection, the first item shall be observed in time, and a detailed record shall be made, and the production shall be started after meeting the customer's light shielding rate and weight. Gram weight / performed by specialized inspectors.

2. The particle color, temperature and product specifications are the focus of control during the inspection of the drawing and winding process, and the inspection should be strengthened. If any discrepancies are found in the inspection, the inspection should be stopped immediately and corresponding treatment measures should be taken.

3.When inspecting the shading nets in the greenhouse, self-inspection is the main, supplemented by special inspection. During the self-inspection process, if a problem is found, report it to a full-time inspector or workshop supervisor for treatment. The number of times is not less than 6 times a day, and the unit is determined in combination with the skills of the operator and the equipment status during the inspection.

4. The roll packaging inspection is packed according to the customer's requirements. When the customer does not require it, the number of meters per roll does not exceed 50 meters. Joints are not allowed. Classification and paste labels are performed according to the needle density and color.


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