Notes on the use of shade nets

According to the climate of our country, coverage can be carried out after the rainy season ends in mid-to-late September. Generally speaking, February-mid-April is the main coverage period. During this period, the greenhouse should be rolled up temporarily in order to enhance the light in the event of prolonged rain.

Cover the surface of the hoe before sowing until emergence, without opening the net, but you must pay attention to opening the net in time in the evening after emergence. Floating surface coverage can also be carried out after transplanting the seedlings to survival, but the management should be carried out day and night. Early spring melon, eggplant, and legumes can be covered with frost after they are planted. They can be covered in small arch sheds or small arch sheds. If they are covered in thin film sheds, the anti-frost effect is better, but the day and night should be exposed Cover management.

In the summer, when covering the greenhouse shading net in the greenhouse, you need to surf the net and open the net in a timely manner according to the climate and the variety and growth of the vegetable. Open at 3 pm. It can be selected according to different needs in cover cultivation. For example, cabbage, mustard, sage, etc. covered with summer-seeded leafy vegetables are difficult to grow normally under the conditions of high temperature and strong light in summer. Using mulching can significantly increase yield and quality.

Generally, the one with a higher shading rate is used. The spring and summer eggplant fruits and vegetables are postponed and covered. The covered plants grow well and can prevent premature senescence and prevent fruit sunburn. Generally, a shade net with a moderate shading rate should be used. Winter and spring anti-freeze cover, it is better to choose a net with higher light transmittance, short-term cover for summer or autumn nursery or slow seedling, mostly black net with low light transmittance, for anti-virus disease, silver gray net or black gray color can also be used network.

For all-weather coverage, a shading net with a shading rate of less than 91%, or a black-gray color matching net, or SZW-99, SZW-73 and other high-light-transmitting nets with a single space of 18-39 cm should be used.


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