Tips on the use of shade nets

There are a lot of common sense in the use of vegetable greenhouse shading nets, such as: selecting the appropriate shade netting according to the type of vegetables, choosing the appropriate covering period, paying attention to shading management when using, and also paying attention to mastering the application techniques , Send medicine in place. The small details listed above will affect the service life of the shade net manufacturers.

(1) Select the appropriate shade net according to the type of vegetables. Generally, black shade nets are used for short-term cultivation of green leafy vegetables in summer and autumn, and silver grey shade nets are used for autumn and winter vegetable seedlings in summer, which can avoid aphids. The eggplant fruits are reserved or postponed. It is best to use omentum together.

(2) Covering period: generally July-August, light at other times, the intensity is suitable for the growth of vegetables, if there is no heavy rain, you do not need to cover it.

(3) Shading management: The shading net cannot be covered on the scaffold for a long time, especially the black shading net, it will only reach near saturated light intensity under the net at noon on a sunny day in summer and autumn. It is best to cover it from 10 am to 11 am The network will be unveiled at 4-5 pm. 3-4 days before the net is opened, the net covering time should be gradually reduced so that the seedlings and plants can gradually adapt to the open field environment.

(4) Grasp the application technique and deliver the medicine in place: adjust the spray head when spraying pesticides, so that a thin layer of mist adheres to the stalks and leaves of the crop when the liquid medicine is sprayed from the nozzle. When applying pesticides, it is necessary to master the speed, not fast or slow, so as not to leak and re-spray. When applying pesticides, different pesticides and pesticide application methods should be selected according to the hazards of the pests and the different occurrence sites, and the pesticides must be delivered in place


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