The Best Way To Store Shade Nets

Dec 05, 2019

The use of sunshade nets can be said to be very widespread now, especially in summer, in the face of hot sun, it is necessary to use sunshade nets. But in winter, we don't need the shading net very much, so we have to put it up. However, if it is not used in a winter, we must do a good job of storage. If the storage method is improper, it will affect future use and reduce the service life of the shading net. The following is the best way for us to store the shading net.

When storing it, it is best to choose it on a cloudy day, because it can be dried directly. If there are water stains on the sunshade net, you need to wait for the water stains to dry before you lift the net and roll it up. The environment in which the sunshade net is stored must have good ventilation effects, while avoiding direct sunlight, and it must be placed on a shelf, which can prevent the sunshade net from getting wet and affect its use. There is also the effect of temperature, especially when freezing and summer are different. Winter must be protected from freezing, the temperature must not be too low, and summer must be protected from moisture and not too humid.

The storage method of the shading net is very important, so the performance possessed by the shading net is also very important. We must make good use of it when using it.



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