The Useful Life Of The Dust Shade Net

Nov 25, 2019

In fact, the service life of dust-proof shade nets will vary according to different habits and materials. Like dust-proof shade nets produced by ordinary recycled materials, the service life will be much shorter, generally only one year, and it will take years. Replace; the dust-proof shade net produced by imported raw materials has a longer service life, generally can reach more than five years, but the price is slightly higher; but the life-span of the dust-proof shade net is not absolute. To avoid scratches by sharp objects, this can effectively extend the life.

Therefore, pay more attention to the date when purchasing the products of the wholesale dustproof sunshade net, and replace the dustproof sunshade net after reaching a certain number of years, because the dustproof sunshade net at this time will age and the use effect will be greatly reduced. Changing it will not achieve the shade effect we want.


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