Production Process Of Shade Net

Nov 30, 2019

1. Procurement of raw materials. Raw materials are divided into new materials and renewable materials, new materials, good color, light weight, good feel, long service life, generally more than 5 years, high cost. Renewable materials, poor gloss, poor texture, short service life generally between 3 months and 1 year, lower cost.

2, drawing production. The drawing is divided into round wire and flat wire. The production process is as follows: mixing ingredients, drying and melting, extrusion, cooling, dividing, stretching, and shaping.

3. Weaving the net. According to the sample selection process and threading method, adjust the weight in real time according to the sample weight until it matches the sample. Mass production.

4. Pass the test. The personnel of the workshop inspection department are responsible for inspecting the conformity of the mesh fabric.

5. Packaging finished products. Packaging and labeling according to customer requirements. No more than 50 meters per roll when not requested by the customer.


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