How To Keep The Shade Net

Nov 25, 2019

There are many types of shading nets. When using them, you should flexibly master the requirements of light intensity and temperature according to the weather conditions and the different growth periods of different types of vegetables. Generally, it is covered on a sunny day and exposed on a cloudy day; it is covered in the morning and it is exposed in the evening; The specific procedures are as follows:

(1) Cover the surface with a floating surface before sowing, and then open the net in the evening after emergence. If the field cultivation requires a shed, cover the shading net on the scaffold after sunrise. The transplanted seedlings can also be covered with floating surface before survival. They can be covered during the day and uncovered at night. After the seedlings are restored to growth, they can be covered with scaffolds.

(2) Before noon, the light intensity, high temperature, and heavy rain should be covered in time in the morning and evening or continuous rainy weather, the temperature is not high, and the light is exposed when the light is not strong;

(3) The shading net should be removed 5-7 days before harvesting, so as not to cause the leaf color of vegetables to be too light and the quality to be reduced.

Pay attention to the following aspects when storing your collection:

1. When collecting, it is better to choose a cloudy day to roll up the net to dry it, and cover it with a floating surface.

2. The shading net should avoid mud pollution. If it is polluted, it can be cleaned with a sprayer and put away after drying.

3. Store in a ventilated and dark place, and store it on a shelf. Pay attention to preventing insect bites and rat bites.


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