What To Do If The Shade Net Is Broken

Dec 05, 2019

Generally, in the process of repairing, it is necessary to start repairing from the outside of the bottom of the net first. It is better to wear the fabric with the side not coated with PU facing outward. After that, the glue needs to be evenly coated on it, especially the surrounding area, and it needs to be coated, and then the prepared fabric is pasted. If it is not secure after it is pasted, you can apply it again at the seam, so that Guaranteed foolproof. Then just leave it for a while and it's ready to use.

In addition, this damage will occur during daily use, mainly due to the incorrect use of the method, so in order to prevent this situation from occurring, you need to pay attention to the use of the method.

However, if it is damaged, it is recommended that you replace it with a new shade net as soon as possible to avoid affecting the use effect.



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