Use Of Shade Net

Nov 30, 2019

Shade nets are mainly used in summer, especially in the south. What is the main role of summer shading nets? Of course, it is to prevent the exposure to hot sun, the impact of heavy rain, the harm of high temperature, the spread of pests and diseases, especially to prevent the migration of pests.

After purchasing Linyi shading nets, many users found that they could not play the role of shading at all. We ca n’t directly judge the quality of the shading net without shading. With the continuous improvement of the shading net, many types have been added, one of which is made of petroleum-produced chemical high-density polyethylene, and the other is recycling and regeneration. This kind of recycled shading net is thick, hard, rough, dense, and heavy. Because of this reason, it can not play a role in shading.

Different plants have different requirements for shading effects. For example, neutral flowers have a relatively wide range of light intensity. Generally, they need to be in an environment with sufficient light to grow robustly.



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