Technical Requirements For Safety Nets

Nov 15, 2019

1. The safety net can be made of nylon, vinylon, nylon, or other materials with weather resistance not lower than the above-mentioned varieties.

2. The height of the flat mesh shall not be less than 3m, the width of the vertical mesh shall not be less than 1.2m, and the width (height) of the dense mesh safety net shall not be less than 1.2m. Product specification deviation: Allowed below ± 2%. The weight of each safety net should not exceed 15kg.

3. The safety net of diamond or square mesh has a mesh length of no more than 8cm.

4. The connection between the side rope and the net body must be firm, the breaking strength of the flat net side rope must not be less than 7000N; the standing net side rope breaking tension must be not less than 3000N.

5. The tethers are evenly distributed along the edge of the net, and the distance between two adjacent tethers should meet the requirements in Table 1. The length is not less than 0.8m. When the tendons are strong and the tether is used in one, the tether part must be lengthened and fastened to the side length, and then folded back and fastened to form at least two.

6. The distribution of tendons should be reasonable. The distance between two adjacent tendons on a flat wire should not be less than 30cm, and the breaking strength of tendons should not be greater than 3000N.

7. The breaking strength of the mesh should meet the corresponding product standards.

8. All nodes of the safety net must be fixed.

9. Test in accordance with the safety net impact test method.

10. The olefinic safety net must be flame retardant, and its smoldering time must not exceed 4s.


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