How to distinguish the quality of the shading net in the greenhouse

There are different qualities of awning nets in the market. How do you choose a good awning net? How can we tell if the shade net is good? Let me introduce you briefly today:

First, a good greenhouse shade net is flexible, moderate, elastic, non-rigid, non-rough, and flat and thick.

Two. Regular shading nets for greenhouses can be packaged to a fixed length, and the shading rate, specifications and dimensions are clearly marked.

Third, the net surface of a good greenhouse shading net is smooth and smooth, the flat wire is parallel to the gap, neat and uniform, and the warp and weft are clear and lively.

Fourth, a good greenhouse shade net has a good smoothness, a bright texture, and a deep black light, instead of the floating surface.

Five, a good greenhouse shade net has no odor and odor, and some are just a faint burnt smell of plastic.


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