Need to pay attention when cleaning the shading net

After using for a period of time, everything needs to be cleaned to ensure that the items are clean and tidy to prolong the service life. When using the shade net, we also need to clean it regularly to ensure its use effect. It is important to master the correct cleaning method. How to clean it? Take everyone to know today:

1. In the application of dust-proof shading nets, it is recommended that the shading nets be cleaned once a year, and the cleaning frequency can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual environment of the machine room, so that the shading can maintain the cleanliness of the environment;

2. When cleaning the sunshade net, pay attention to storage to avoid sharp objects from damaging the sunshade net;

3. When cleaning, the shading net should be tightly attached to the beam net, otherwise it will fall off easily. If the adhesion of the beam net fails, you should re-attach the beam net to get better results;

4. Pay attention to the sunshade net should be dried and then placed after cleaning to ensure the quality of the product.

Cleaning the products of the dustproof nets according to the above requirements can ensure the cleanliness of the products, improve its application effect and life, and ensure that the application effects of the dustproof nets meet the application requirements.


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