Safety Net Use Specification

1. A safety net must be hung below the working site at a high place; when the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety net that gradually rises with the wall must be installed, and a fixed safety net will be installed every 4m in the future; on the outer frame and bridge type frame , Safety nets must be set at the upper and lower opposite holes.

The safety net should be built inside low and high outside, and the height difference of the expenditure part is generally about 50cm; there is no fracture or bending of the supporting rods; the gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall must be less than 15cm; . Support for safety net erection,

The diameter of the small head of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7cm, the diameter of the small head of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8cm, and the distance between the stays shall not be greater than 4m.

2. Check the safety net for corrosion and damage before use. During construction, it is necessary to ensure that the safety net is complete and effective, the support is reasonable, the force is uniform, and there must be no debris in the net. The overlap should be tight and secure, and there must be no gaps.

It must be dismantled and damaged during construction, and it can only be removed when there is no height work. When the safety net that has been erected is temporarily dismantled due to construction, the construction unit must notify and seek the consent of the erection unit before dismantling.

Construction must be resumed immediately by the construction unit in accordance with the regulations, and it can be used only after the construction unit has passed the inspection.

3. The debris in the net should be cleaned frequently. When performing welding operations above the net, effective measures should be taken to prevent welding sparks from falling on the net; there should be no long-term severe acid and alkali fumes around the net.

4. Safety nets must be checked frequently during use, and there must be tracked usage records. Safety nets that do not meet the requirements should be dealt with in a timely manner. When the safety net is not in use, it must be properly stored and kept to prevent moisture and mold.

Before using the new network, you must check the nameplate of the product: first, it is flat network or vertical network. The vertical network and the flat network must be strictly distinguished. The vertical network must not be used as a flat network; when setting up the network, the bottom tether must be Tie tight.


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