The shade net turned out to be so powerful

1. Shading and cooling effect

Shading and cooling are the main functions of shading nets. Generally, the surface temperature drops by 4 ° C ~ 6 ° C, the temperature at 30cm above ground decreases by 1 ° C, and the temperature at 5cm below ground decreases by 6 ° C-10 ° C. It can be seen that shading significantly improves the microclimate of the cultivation environment, reduces the environmental temperature, and is conducive to the normal growth and development of crops in high temperature seasons. The use of shade nets can significantly reduce the intensity of light entering the winter warming grid and effectively reduce heat radiation, thereby reducing air and ground temperatures, and improving the microclimate environment for zucchini growth. Generally, the use of shading nets can reduce the temperature in the greenhouses by 2-3 ° C compared with the outside, and effectively avoid the harm of light on zucchini production. It is determined that the temperature of the noodle surface can be reduced by 4.59-5 ° C in the hot season, and the temperature drop range is 9-12 ° C in the hot summer.

2. Rain and wind protection

The shading net cover has the effect of reducing the erosion of soil by rainwater and damage to crops. The shade net also has a certain windproof effect. Generally, the wind speed inside the net is less than 35% outside the net.

3. Insulation effect

Covering the shading net can reduce the evaporation of water in the field. Under the greenhouse covering the shading net, the evaporation of farmland is reduced by 1 / 3-2 / 3 compared with the open field. It also has the function of heat preservation, and the temperature of the floating surface shading net can be increased by 1.0 ℃ -2.8 ℃ in early spring and late autumn night.

4. Anti-insect effect

Covering the silver ash envelope shade net has a good aphid-proofing effect, and the control effect reaches 88% -100%.


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